Here is a rundown of the disturbing news that made your jaw drop courtesy of Doubtful News.


We range from the silly to the serious this week. 

Let's start with the serious. A case where facilitated communication used as a consent for sex will go to court. Will this be a statement about the bogosity of this technique?

A Forbes piece on money wasted on chiropractic prompted an angry reaction from practitioners who say subluxations are real.

A teen goes for an adventure in the Colombian wilds. It ends tragically as he ingests a plant-based drink prepared by a shaman and dies.

A faith healer promises to cure cancer and life woes by sending money to be hung on a magic tree. Yes, hundreds of thousands of dollars never made it to the magic tree.

Gef the talking mongoose, one of the weirdest stories from Fortean history, is featured in the Wall Street Journal.

The Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network (their new moniker) were labeled an unreliable source of information by the national health care commission.

A support group for alien abductees has the potential to be harmful even though the intention is good.

A video showing a plane landing in humid weather is said to be emitting chemtrails. Since water is a chemical, they are sort of correct...

Is the ghost hunter craze wearing off? A local board denies the TV investigators access to a historic location.

Meanwhile, a historic mansion claimed to be haunted gets scooped up in a foreclosure sale, bringing more than the asking price!

Word of the week: Spectrophilia. You may not appreciate knowing what it means but it's gaining popularity.

Finallly, poor Nessie is down and out. But the local businesses are desperate to keep her alive. They are desperate to the point of issuing these really terrible sonar traces.

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