Here is a rundown of the alternative views that will make you less smart this week courtesy of Doubtful News.


Skeptics were out in force calling out Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski for his unapproved (and likely ineffective and toxic) cancer treatment, antineoplastons. The work of skeptical advocacy has been crucial in turning up the heat for an investigation.

Another hot button topic has been the long tragic parade of needless deaths of children at the hand of parents who rely on faith healing instead of medical treatment. The Tennessee Supreme Court will address a faith exception in their law for caregivers. In Oregon, the defense wants to minimize the "faith" aspect of "faith healing" due to prejudice against the followers.

In another alternative attitude to medicine, celebrity anti-vaccination advocate Jenny McCarthy is toning down her opinion  on the anti-vax matters (too little, too late) while another bubbly blond actress "cluelessly" assumes the role of "expert" mom, advocating no medicine.

Hollywood is still promoting ridiculous psychic TV shows. The bar keeps getting lower as a psychic claims to help families of murder victims. It's not only informed skeptics who are appalled.

The media is desperate for any news on the missing-in-action Loch Ness Monster. So when people find glitches in satellite pictures of boats on the loch, that's news. That's Nessie!

Was it the ring of doom? No, but it was an interesting phenomena, quickly explained, but not by so called "UFO experts" - a vortex ring over UK skies.

A big shining bright spot this week for evidence-based skepticism was Bill Nye's insight into his February debate with Creationist Ken Ham. Bill clearly came out the crystal clear winner on all counts in this bout.

Finally, are you crafty with papier mache and fish parts? A new examination of a famous merbeing shows how you can construct your own gaff.

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