Here is a rundown of the attempt to turn people away from science and reason this week courtesy of Doubtful News.


We have two big sarcastic "Thanks" to groups who make the world a more ignorant place. First, thanks to ghost hunters around the world for making people believe every noise, camera artifact or blip in the electromagnetic field is OH MY GOD, A GHOST! (And Thanks to USA Today for a total credulous story.)

And thanks to reprehensible anti-vaccination advocates who put babies in the hospital because of their propaganda.

In a related story, we were genuinely happy to report that restaurant chain Chili's backed down on a charitable event that would have given money to an anti-vax organization. Cheers!

In other alternative medicine news this week, we profiled another example of acupuncture not being so safe, let alone effective.

And it was Homeopathy Awareness Week. We made sure to join the voices yelling, "There's nothing in it!"

Say it ain't so, Captain Janeway? And she did say it. A new anti-science film sparks controversy which will unfortunately be great for ratings.

Our readers help figure out what's behind some photo mysteries circulating on the web. Come join the fun. 

Is this greenish glow a ghost? A glitch? We have some ideas.

Another strange anomaly showed up on Mars. A Martian flair? Or did that darn camera trick us again?

Finally, we have two updates on mysterious visuals from last week. Revisit these stories to see about the deer in the UFO headlights and the near miss meteoroid filmed by skydiver.

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