Here is a rundown of hoaxes, flops, and downright lucky breaks this week courtesy of Doubtful News.


The biggest weird and wonderful news stories this week involved animals. Doubtful News was the first non-woo-woo site to address the claims that animals were fleeing Yellowstone from some mysterious sense of coming doom. They weren't and here's why.

Any hairless animal is, by default, called a "chupacabra" (goat-sucker) and demonized in the media. This poor raccoon became a media star but deserved better treatment than that.

What was going on in these game cam pictures of a deer in Mississippi? It looks mysterious until you look closer.

In another geological hoax, a fake letter was circulated around southern California warning of an impending earthquake.

I wonder if this art exhibition has anything to do with a historic hoax of fairy photos. I'd worry if it doesn't.

It's unclear if this claim of a skydiver encountering a falling meteor is real or a hoax.

It's also unclear if these psychics who claim to have found a missing body were really any help at all. All we have is a story.

A miracle? No, this guy was extremely fortunate in this unfortunate turn of events - the Pennsylvania Chainsaw Miracle.

A Christian college disses its biology professors. Morale tanks. No surprise there.

In Australia, a court rules for a father who wants his children vaccinated in spite of the mother's anti-vax views.

The aliens have landed? For some reason, the small town of Elwood, Kansas was the target of a crazy social media frenzy.

Presidents are curious about the UFO question.

Gee, exorcists are getting younger and younger.

Finally, Doubtful News has a thumbnail guide to media sources that are so sensationalized and wackadoodle that we don't even address their claims. They are "beyond doubtful". You'll recognize many of the woo-meisters.

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