Here is a rundown of the hoaxes and questionable claims that captivated the webways this week courtesy of Doubtful News.


The Unsurprising Big News of the week is hoaxer Rick Dyer admitting his latest Bigfoot in a box claim was a hoax. Ho hum…

Also unsurprising is the lengths creationists will go to in order to appear credible, such as add a real scientist as an author of a paper he had nothing to do with! That's a retraction.

There was some truly bizarre news this week. This one was entertaining - Are men in North Korea forced to get the Kim Jong-Un haircut?

A grandmother claims her cable box has been hijacked by a malicious hacker.

Accusations of goblin-wrangling has cost this headmaster his job in Zimbabwe.

Some sicko actually glued razor blades on to playground equipment! This was not a hoax.

A man in search of a magical stone saves an unborn porcupine.

Can you wake up from a coma with psychic powers? Some people perceive it to be so.

In violent Central Africa, people rely on magic because they are simply desperate.

In the U.S., the final Marks clan member from a psychic roundup has been sentenced.

Is Gettysburg becoming the hub of paranormal tourism? It sure seems so, which is a shame.

Some U.S. self-proclaimed psychic detectives are making their case on a Japanese TV show.

Wikipedia founder made a popular splash this week by standing his ground on not allowing woo-woo regarding alternative medicine.

Finally, the most important is saved for last. Do your part. Sign this petition as a first step in making your voice heard in Congress regarding the Burzynski Clinic and there very problematic and unproven use of antineoplastons for cancer treatment.

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