Here is a rundown of paranormal, skeptical and quacktastic news stories that made it into the media this week courtesy of Doubtful News.


Let's start out with a few paranormal events that made the news. A store owner catches some destructive activity on security camera.

A family experiences poltergeist activity and a mystery photo suddenly appears.

In not so paranormal news, psychics appear on news stations to fill time about the missing Malaysian aircraft.

A skeptical voice is respected regarding a mystery animal sighting in the U.K. It's about time!

There was considerable activity regarding questionable medical claims this week.

In disturbing news, the FDA has allowed the compassionate use of antineoplaston treatment for terminally ill cancer patients even though there is no evidence it works but may be toxic. The good news is that infamous doctor Stan Burzynski, proponent of the treatment, is not allowed to administer it. Patients are having trouble finding oncologists who will.

Acceptance of medical conspiracy theories is alive and well in the U.S.

It may be thanks to media stories like this: Mother claims MSG food additive causes autism.

Errol Denton, a practitioner of completely dubious cancer treatment claims has been reprimanded in the U.K.

 Are children in Mexico being kidnapped for their organs? This actually makes little sense but makes for a scary media story.

A paper on climate change deniers is retracted by a journal because of legal claims. It's a credibility tip off when the complainants can't argue the results, so bring in threats instead. 

Mr. Teller prevails in a magical art copyright case.

The mystery of the week is what caused this plume caught on radar in New Mexico. Military tests? Volcanic vent? The conspiracy theorists are intrigued.

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