Here is a rundown of strange and intellectually bankrupt news stories that made it into the media this week courtesy of Doubtful News.

We kept adding to our post on the mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 as new fringe ideas emerged. No psychic claimed to predict it, yet, but one particularly media-hungry so-called remote viewer got in on the act and, frankly, was completely unhelpful. It was embarrassing, actually. But what was he going to do, bend the spoons on board?


KEVIN TRUDEAU, serial fraudster, gets 10 years in jail! There is much rejoicing. This is excellent news.

Jenny McCarthy had an eye-opening social media fail this week thanks to all the smart and skeptical posters who pointed out that pushing dangerous misinformation is actually an important thing NOT to have in a potential mate.

The stress was too much for him a pastor drops dead during an emotional confession in front of his congregation.

Talk about faithful! The followers of this guru or godman in India will not accept that he is dead. He's just in a really deep trance. In the freezer. For six weeks.

Creationism goes to college: Indiana lawmakers are annoyed with a public university and are groaning about a decision that concludes "Intelligent Design" is not science.

We helped expose a hoax dug out by one of our U.K. readers regarding a black panther sighting in Essex.

A sure fire way to get passionate, sometimes hateful comments on your site is to talk skeptically about Morgellon's disease. All I said was "It's complicated"… 

Finally, there was very disturbing confirmation that ignorant, greedy humans are pushing the amazing pangolin ever close to extinction. Thanks to traditional chinese medicine quack treatments, these rare mammals are being killed and smuggled in huge numbers. Find out what you can do to help stop it.

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