Here is a rundown of the news stories of the week, fueled by archaic thinking, courtesy of Doubtful News.

Two of the best known Creationists are made waves this week with some rather dubious claims. Did the Ken Ham/Bill Nye debate provide the impetus to fund the boondoggle Ark park? If you believe Ham it did. But would you believe Ham? The numbers don't add up.


Incarcerated Young Earth evangelist Kent Hovind has some time on his hands, so he filed a complaint against a skeptical website for libel.

A German journalist who was hired to discredit anti-quackery writer Edzard Ernst has apparently committed suicide.

Parents of a baby that died from malnutrition due to strict religious beliefs are sentenced to jail time.

Pentecostal churches in Nigeria whip up fervor for witch hunts, saying the witch much die.

Around the world, is a new Satanic Panic brewing? The media is doing it's best to make it so.

In health news, the attacks on polio workers in Pakistan continues as there have been additional deaths due to a roadside bomb.

A new polio-like disease is detected in California. It's not polio but they aren't sure what it is.

Officials with the Egyptian army announced they have found a way to easily diagnose and cure hepatitis C and now HIV/AIDS too! You may recognize the cheap plastic box with an antenna that already landed two men in jail. Apparently this is a wish box that can be whatever you wish hardest for it to be.

Scientology is still beleaguered by the skeptical. A lawsuit alleges their drug treatment program Narconon is a thinly veiled recruitment tool.

"I'm not dead yet"

And finally, it's true that a bible in your pocket may save you from a fatal bullet wound. But so would any reasonably thick book. But, this tiny out of place artifact is not proof that history has to be rewritten.

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