It was a wild week for weird news. Here is a rundown courtesy of Doubtful News.

Let's start with two photos that made people hit the "share" button and pass along though I don't know why. This one apparently shows a female figure behind the man. While the church thinks it's an angel, skeptics figure a ghost phone app or photoshop is at play.  

This one was called a "skin walker", local New Mexico news exploited the Native American legend but it was easily debunked as being from a movie.

Speaking of hoaxes, the Rick Dyer Bigfoot press conference did not take place. Surprise. 

Kids can be creative -- this one says Bigfoot caused him to crash his car.

This one walks around in a ghillie suit playing pranks on people. Not smart.

Whatever this finding is, it's not scientific. A archaeological researcher hypes initial DNA findings on elongated skulls from Peru. Involved in the project are well-known purveyors of bad science - Melba Ketchum and Lloyd Pye.

This story is CRUSHING the hit counts to other stories on the site; it's hugely popular with search engines: Scotland laments the lack of Nessie sightings this year. Where did she go?

In an update to the Latoya Ammons demonic possession story of last week, the priest has signed on for movie and TV deals. So, expect this to get warped even MORE out of proportion to reality.

In legal news, the Washington legislature is taking action against a law that allows a religious faith healing exemption.

The Texas Board of Education takes a big step in improving review of school textbooks to make sure qualified people are doing that job.

It was almost unanimous, Bill Nye was a clear winner in the Great Debate with Creationist Ken Ham.

The Bible as literal truth? Palaeontology shows that the lowly camel says 'no'

Superstition is alive and well, killing people in brutal ways. Three brothers in the Phillipines tortured, killed, and ATE their own mother, thinking she was possessed.

A man in the U.S. killed two women with a hammer because he believed they were witches.

Another instance appears of a girl who cries stones.

Do we have a lead on the mystery of the Voynich manuscript? Hmm.

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