For reals, it is the 21st century!  But, some are still blaming Satan for everything. Here is a rundown of the weekly weird news courtesy of Doubtful News.

It was a huge week on Doubtful News. There was a demonic invasion.

The story of LaToya Ammons demonic possession and life in the "portal to hell" house was posted on the Indianapolis Star website and then exploded two days later. The story was, on its face, unbelievable and full of holes. Doubtful News readers were able to produce a mock up of the fakey photo. Then, Ghost Adventures star Zak Bagans, who takes his paranormal investigation awfully seriously, purchased the house. No word on whether only the paranormal believers will be allowed in but it does appear that only pro-paranormal people are invited. No skeptics allowed. This story is a circle of reinforcing feedback. 

Ammons and family could have gotten an exorcism via Skype by the Rev. Bob Larson. For a fee of course.

Other exorcists disagree that method would work. What a surprise.

Meanwhile, the church blames those Satanists for stealing a holy relic. I doubt it.

Another demonic hot spot (so pop culture tells us), is the home where the story from the movie The Conjuring supposedly took place. It's back in the news as the residents are feeling harassed and threatened by real monsters - tourists.

But this hotel is exploiting some sloppy housekeeping as ghosts.

Television is also a wasteland of silly as a show about reincarnated kids gets the green light for another season.

This is what passes for ghost photos and news these days.

Enough about ghosts and demons. Here are the psychic swindles of the week. This one cost $30K. This one, $120K and she escaped.

There is even a Bigfoot swindle this week as a body will head out on tour.

Speaking of swindlers, Kevin Trudeau is steadfast in his claim he is broke.

Ken Ham rejects the idea of a round ark. Watch him reject evolution live. 

Near death by boulder.

Actual death by escalator.

This guy thinks he's knows more than NASA and sues them.

Finally, a company has invested in a cold fusion technology. That sounds promising! Oh wait, it has not been demonstrated to actually work as claimed.

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