Here is a rundown of the strange stories that are causing harm or are just downright bizarre courtesy of Doubtful News.

Sadly, we continue on with flu season as more tragedies come to light. Get your vaccination!   

Attacks on vaccination teams in Pakistan continue as a security team for polio workers was killed.

In more promising news, a promoter of a quack cancer treatment faces felony charges.    

Nobody seemed to miss passing on this scary headline about an unmanned ship full of diseased rats heading toward the English coast. Well, you SHOULD have been skeptical.

Yes, kids do silly things, like crushing and snorting candy up their nose. But school officials don't help by responding in a ridiculous way.

Herbalife company is back in the hotseat - a congressperson requests an inquiry into a possible multi-level marketing scheme that targets the poor.

A defamation trial will proceed against a climate change denial publication. Also, stop using "skeptic" when you clearly mean "denialist".

This name may sound familiar - another 'Marks' in court for a psychic scam   

Conspiracy theories fuel people who are unstable to begin with.

And now for the really weird stuff. A fisherman finds a translucent crittera family brings in a supposed "goblin" No, every weird thing you can't identify is not an alien.

Police empty the station en masse when the sky is falling in Zimbabwe.

Finally, @doubtfulnews And it has needle-like quills. Ouch.

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