NOTE: This notice first appeared in Oct, 2008, but given recent events in Iraq, we've decided to show it again. - Jeff Wagg

This notice is directed to Cumberland Industries, UK. The ADE651® device, a totally fraudulent product, is advertised as described ahead, by Cumberland Industries, who we have contacted at

Cumberland Industries UK LTD
11 Murray Street

and at

Cumberland Industries UK LTD
Welham Lane
Great Bowden
Market Harborough
LE16 7HS, UK

They advertise:

Advanced Tactical Security & Communications UK [ATSC-UK] – ADE651®


Simultaneous Detection of Multiple Types of Explosives or Drugs. The ADE651® incorporates electrostatic ion attraction [ESA] technology to target the specific substances. It can accommodate multiple substance detection cards to detect a broad range of explosive or drug [narcotic] substances. It can more specifically identify a substance by removing detection cards from the ADE651® after detection is received until the attraction is lost.

Ignores All Known Concealment Methods. By programming the detection cards to specifically target a particular substance, (through the proprietary process of electro-static matching of the ionic charge and structure of the substance), the ADE651® will “by-pass” all known attempts to conceal the target substance. It has been shown to penetrate Lead, other metals, concrete, and other matter (including hiding in the body) used in attempts to block the attraction.

No Consumables nor Maintenance Contracts Required. Unlike Trace Detectors that require the supply of sample traps, the ADE651® does not utilize any consumables (exceptions include: cotton-gloves and cleanser) thereby reducing the operational costs of the equipment. The equipment is Operator maintained and requires no ongoing maintenance service contracts. It comes with a hardware three year warranty. Since the equipment is powered electro statically, there are no batteries or conventional power supplies to change or maintain.

High Explosives or Detonable Explosives Trinitrotoluene (TNT), DNT, Nitro Esters (PETN, nitroglycerine, ethylene glycol dinitrate), Ammonium nitrate, Dynamite, RDX/Hexogen/Octogan, Black Powder, ammunition & Propellants, Tetryl, Narcotics, Cocaine/Heroin/Morphine, THC/Marijuana/Cannabis, LSD/Ketamine/Midazolam, Amphetamine / D-methamphetamine, Ecstasy, Opium/Opiates, Chloro-Methyl & Benzodiazepine drugs, Ivory, Human Recognition (Detection).

Detection Range (in Tests)
• Above ground Up to 1000+ meters (*in ideal conditions)
• From Aircraft Up to 5000 meters (3+ miles)
• Under Water Up to 30 meters (100+ feet)
• Underground Up to 10 meters (30+ feet)

Okay. Here’s a simple statement from the James Randi Educational Foundation. It’s in clear, basic English, plain language, direct and unequivocal. It’s directed to any of the manufacturers, distributors, vendors, advertisers, or retailers of the ADE651® device as described above:

This Foundation will give you our million-dollar prize upon the successful testing of the ADE651® device. Such test can be performed by anyone, anywhere, under your conditions, by you or by any appointed person or persons, in direct satisfaction of any or all of the provisions laid out above by you.

No one will respond to this, because the ADE651® is a useless, quack, device which cannot perform any other function than separating naïve persons from their money. It’s a fake, a scam, a swindle, and a blatant fraud. The manufacturers, distributors, vendors, advertisers, and retailers of the ADE651® device are criminals, liars, and thieves who will ignore this challenge because they know the device, the theory, the described principles of operation, and the technical descriptions given, are nonsense, lies, and fraudulent.

Prove me wrong and take the million dollars. I am James Randi, citizen of the United States of America, resident in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and thoroughly identified through the James Randi Educational Foundation described at


Editor's Note: As a perceptive reader posted, Cumberland Industries' address has changed since Randi initially challenged them. The current address is:

NN15 6XR
Company No. 05579196