Here is a rundown of the stories that show us the great depths of belief, courtesy of Doubtful News.

First, an update to a story from last week. The techno-crop circle was solved causing no little consternation to crop circle advocates, or "croppies". 

The hot topic of the week was again something Bigfoot related that deserved NO attention whatsoever - A known hoaxer will hold a press conference on February 9 after milking every dollar and web hit out of this circus regarding his so-called Bigfoot body. 

Good and bad news out of India this week. They are squabbling over the law that would allow homeopaths to prescribe real drugs. Some homeopaths don't even like it. 

On the plus side, real medicine, vaccines, have worked to nearly eradicate polio there. 

A shocking death: Las Vegas stage performer and hypnotist, Scott Lewis, dies in a fall in Australia. 

There were several religious-themed stories this week. First, the "snake salvation" pastor gets off light for his wildlife violations. 

A pastor from South Africa orders his congregation to eat grass and then walks on them. He's a bit… bold. 

A practicing Jehovah's Witness refuses a blood transfusion. She dies. 

A woman is told she was possessed by demons. When she gets no help, she commits suicide. 

At the Creation Museum, Ken Ham is gearing up for the sold out debate with Bill Nye. For sure this Ham on Nye event will shed light on his pet cause. But will it be positive or a complete joke? 

And he is blaming mean old atheists bloggers for messing up his junk bond gimmick to raise money for the failing venture.   

The Texas Medical Board goes after Stan Burzynski, this time for false advertising of his cancer treatment drug. We're all watching and waiting… 

The Federal Trade Commission cracked down on Sensa diet product also for false advertising. 

One way to help combat false or misleading medical claims is to join the brand new Society for Science-based Medicine.

One mysterious place goes up in flames. No more ghost hunts here, until the building is gone, then I expect ghosting will resume. 

A few real strange stories washed up this week. The mystery of dead cows in Sweden and Denmark has been solved. 

A very rare conjoined twin stillborn whale calf was recovered in Cailfornia.

Do artichokes explode? Well, they may pop. 

Finally, what was in the sky above a German airport? Whatever it was, it made the people on the ground rather angry. 

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