While I'm very pleased that the Czech skeptic club Sisyphus, the Belgian SKEPP club, and the European skeptical group ECSO have recognized the James Randi Educational Foundation, I must correct the use of the term "contest" to describe the JREF's million-dollar prize. (See the article here: http://praguepost.com/czech-news/34250-czech-skeptics-offer-reward-for-proof-of-paranormal-phenomena )

It is simply a prize, not a competition, that can be won by any person who can prove the existence of any paranormal ability of any kind.

We at the JREF will follow this situation with great interest, but our experience has shown that the "psychics" will remain shy and often fail to show up to be tested...

Gee, a million dollars, and they're so reluctant? But we know why, don't we...?

James Randi, JREF founder.