Reader P.T. Quinn in Ann Arbor writes about a currently vapid claim that the existence of UFOs from outer space will now surely be proven: bg.jpg

 Apparently some bookies have stopped taking bets because they think the odds of a UFO making an appearance aren't in their favor:

We now have seven-figure liabilities if the ship does appear. We have decided to duck any more big bets until the 14th has passed, hopefully without incident.

See and in regards to where the bookies got their information:

The rumor is believed to have been started by "channeller" Blossom Goodchild, who claimed to have received a psychic tip-off.

I visited Ms. Goodchild's website here:   and found out:

The Secret to an abundant life filled with Love, Light and Laughter is being offered to you by White Cloud, a native American spirit energy (channelled by Blossom Goodchild). When one aspires to the teachings of White Cloud, a change within the self takes place.

I wonder what odds the bookies would give that the "change within the self" is actually a lighter wallet? And isn't "White Cloud" a brand of toilet paper?

How appropriate.

As P.T. says, this is the brainstorm of one Blossom Goodchild, an Aussie actress/channeller who has the woo-woos worked up over “The Federation of Light” – who she says promised her they would appear in a “massive spacecraft” in Alabama – I kid you not – on October 14th – hey, that’s today! So far, a minor poll conducted on the UFO-oriented internet shows that 33% of those asked, say the Visitors will really appear, 17% say that the Federation will claim they appeared – the most likely result, in my opinion – and 48% say that nothing will happen. Guess how I voted…!

They say they’ll be in place for a full three days… Umm, seems to me that this was a rather unwise sort of prediction to make. First, a “massive” UFO can hardly be missed. Second, they can’t be missed if they stay for three days. Third, giving such exact details – place, time, duration – is another kiss of death, and fourth, no real person should have a name as cutesy as Blossom Goodchild, and fifth, nothing this exciting could ever happen in Alabama.

As for the quavering bookies, get real! The failure of this “vision” – probably the result of yet another bad pork chop – won’t faze the woo-woos one bit. They’ll just move on to the next calamity/visitation/meteor/earthquake/plague and emote over that; they’re immovable in their delusions. Always take their bets!