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Written by James Randi   

Reader P.T. Quinn in Ann Arbor writes about a currently vapid claim that the existence of UFOs from outer space will now surely be proven: bg.jpg

 Apparently some bookies have stopped taking bets because they think the odds of a UFO making an appearance aren't in their favor:

We now have seven-figure liabilities if the ship does appear. We have decided to duck any more big bets until the 14th has passed, hopefully without incident.

See http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk and in regards to where the bookies got their information:

The rumor is believed to have been started by "channeller" Blossom Goodchild, who claimed to have received a psychic tip-off.

I visited Ms. Goodchild's website here: http://www.blossomgoodchild.com   and found out:

The Secret to an abundant life filled with Love, Light and Laughter is being offered to you by White Cloud, a native American spirit energy (channelled by Blossom Goodchild). When one aspires to the teachings of White Cloud, a change within the self takes place.

I wonder what odds the bookies would give that the "change within the self" is actually a lighter wallet? And isn't "White Cloud" a brand of toilet paper?

How appropriate.

As P.T. says, this is the brainstorm of one Blossom Goodchild, an Aussie actress/channeller who has the woo-woos worked up over “The Federation of Light” – who she says promised her they would appear in a “massive spacecraft” in Alabama – I kid you not – on October 14th – hey, that’s today! So far, a minor poll conducted on the UFO-oriented internet shows that 33% of those asked, say the Visitors will really appear, 17% say that the Federation will claim they appeared – the most likely result, in my opinion – and 48% say that nothing will happen. Guess how I voted…!

They say they’ll be in place for a full three days… Umm, seems to me that this was a rather unwise sort of prediction to make. First, a “massive” UFO can hardly be missed. Second, they can’t be missed if they stay for three days. Third, giving such exact details – place, time, duration – is another kiss of death, and fourth, no real person should have a name as cutesy as Blossom Goodchild, and fifth, nothing this exciting could ever happen in Alabama.

As for the quavering bookies, get real! The failure of this “vision” – probably the result of yet another bad pork chop – won’t faze the woo-woos one bit. They’ll just move on to the next calamity/visitation/meteor/earthquake/plague and emote over that; they’re immovable in their delusions. Always take their bets!