Here is a rundown of the strange, scammy and scary stories of the week courtesy of Doubtful News.

It was a very GOOD week for tapirs - pig-cow like animals with a prehensile snout. In the old world (Mayasia), a set of tapir footprints were at first said to be from the local Bigfoot.    

And in the new world, a new species of tapir found, the largest new animal found so far this century - big, rare, but also not Bigfoot.

Riffing on the theme of myth and legend, there was a ton of this stuff going around this week.

A priest has declared himself an angel authority, an angelologist if you will. No I won't. 

Icelanders want to make sure the elves are considered in land use disruptions. 

Bulgaria is set to promote some vampire tourism. Why not. 

And there was some Christmas-themed myths in the media as well.

What was the Star of Bethlehem? A new book says it may have just been a literary device. 

What's this notion about virgin births? People really do believe this stuff. 

And they believe it resulted in Jesus as well. 

The Creationists in Texas failed to get their myth promoted in textbooks as publishers of science books say no way to religious tales.

Following vague, nonsensical horoscopes can lead you to make some poor decisions… starting with reading your horoscope. 

His world really DID end. End of the World preacher Harold Camping died.

New rule: Always consider "hoax staged for TV show" to be a viable option for any so-called paranormal video. 

Finally, it was a terrible week for makers of vitamins and dietary supplements. See the summary of bad press here. 

Oh, and some of them have been repeatedly exposed as criminals so, no surprise there. 

Doubtful News wishes everyone a Happy Godzillamas and a Skeptical 2014. 

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