Here is a rundown of the sad, anomalous and brain-scrambling stories of the week courtesy of Doubtful News.

There is death to report this week, sadly. 

There were two notable passings in the cryptozoology/paranormal/alternative history world announced this week. Proponent of the Starchild skull, claimed to be part alien, Lloyd Pye, passed away from cancer. Notably, he had been seeking alternative treatment. He advocated that the earth was colonized due to alien intervention.

Dr. Roy Mackal, famous for his forays into the Congolese swamps looking for living dinosaurs, presumably died in September but no further remarks were made upon this notable passing. Mackal was a well-known author and had a career as an academic in biology.

Targeting of polio workers in Pakistan continues as shootings continued by anti-vaccination militants 

What we can HOPE is the further steps to the passing away of the Burzynski cancer clinic, the FDA has issued serious letters to Stanislaw Burzynski noting violations.

A very rare medical condition was the diagnosis for a suffering woman. She was carrying a "stone baby".

Deepak Chopra is still harping about us nasty skeptics. He certainly didn't like that he was called out for funny business on his own Wikipedia page.

A well-known troublemaker in the U.K. is on trial for his nonsense medical treatment ideas. He is not doing himself any favors in defending himself.

One of our favorite stories this time of the year is to see how poor the psychic predictions came out. As usual, they were terrible.

A psychic team has been nabbed for taking a vulnerable person for nearly a million dollars.

No, the universe is not really a hologram, regardless of the headline in Nature.

I hope no one said they would do something crazy when it snows in Egypt. Cause that happened.

Speaking of crazy, rational people are bemused at Texas politicians still advocating Creationism in schools.

Finally, there is something funny about this "ghost" picture taken by a famous daughter.

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