It was another big week in "doubtful" news with several important stories. Here is a rundown of the random surprises and non-surprises that occurred this past week courtesy of Doubtful News.

The major story of the week is the death of self-proclaimed psychic Sylvia Browne I had to close the comments on this thread because people expressed their "relief" at her passing. I felt that was inappropriate as well as the comments by her defenders who thought she was so gifted. There was really not much for comment - It is what it is.  

Seven people were arrested for destroying a historic Louisiana mansion by arson after failing to stir up the legendary ghosts.

A new reality TV show about haunted houses is in the works There is no word on what the concept will be, but we can HOPE it includes some anomalistic psychology.

Here is a story that gave people the willies - black widow spiders are found among grapes sold in several U.S. states

A very odd looking fish is found out of place in Arctic waters.

A baby is found to be alive after being issued a death certificate and delivered to the funeral home.

But this child was not so lucky, he died from medical neglect as the mother only used holistic remedies for a serious infection. 

The San Antonio 4 case comes to a bittersweet close as the women are freed but they are not cleared of the conviction which was based on faulty eyewitness testimony.

This has not worked in the past, I don't have hopes it will be productive now - a member appointed to the FDA vaccine advisory committee is blatantly anti-vax.    

The National Center for Science Education has been in the fray in Texas regarding the textbook debate. Some major progress has been made.

Finally, I have no idea why the subject of "still living dinosaurs" was framed as a debate. There is NO debate that sauropod dinosaurs survive anywhere. There is zero scientific support for such a thing so why is this scenario presented at a college?

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