It was a HUGE week in "doubtful" news. Here is a rundown of the hype and important legal developments that occurred this past week courtesy of Doubtful News.

There were some important court decisions this week. The wheels of justice are turning.

Alleged psychic Sylvia Mitchell is going to jail and she admits she was on the wrong path

The Schaibles plead "no contest" to the faith healing death of their second child in order to avoid a trial.

It took only 45 minutes for a jury to decide serial infomercial fraudster Kevin Trudeau was guilty of contempt of court. His sentencing should be interesting.

Jim McCormick appeals his 10-year jail sentence for making millions off fake bomb detectors. The judge scoffs.

There was a lot going on in the world this week but the media and social networks were busy with… other stories. For example, people were outraged about the death of a clam.

Actor Andy Kaufman was possibly alive. Again.

Doubtful News was able to quickly debunk a story about an anthropologist held captive by elves. You're right, it was not very hard.

An expedition to find the extinct Tasmania Tiger was a bust. But true believers remain hopeful. You have to admire their optimism.

The most important news story of the week in the skeptical community was undoubtedly the expose of Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, infamous cancer doctor. He was decimated in this front page story about his clear disdain for rules and the wellbeing of his patients. 

In other news, par for the course, Scientology opens their new center to develop "super powers".  

How can you sustain a sinking Noah's Ark park? Sell junk bonds. Typical chicanery from the Creation Museum folks.

Surprisingly, on this anniversary week, there is a dip in acceptance of the JFK assassination conspiracy.

A collection of Carl Sagan's personal papers is now available to the public.

No charges have been pressed in a kidnapping case of a mother whose ex-husband and son forced her into an exorcism.

A nurse writes an offensive note in regards to a sick, unvaccinated child. Are anti-vax kids "losers"?

Finally, this is not an urban legend. Towels and other laundry does actually spontaneously combust under certain conditions.

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