Here is a rundown of the weird, wacky woo-woo and WOW courtesy of Doubtful News.

We begin with a story that we really wish was an urban legend but turns out is true. Venomous spiders do hitch a ride on bananas. But it is rare, don't stop eating bananas!

This story, however, was a rumor that spread far and wide like a tsunami, of trash. 

There was a live person buried in a grave. I feel bad for the person who was there when he clawed his way out. 

Speaking of more hidden nasties, documents revealed what was found upon FDA inspection of Stan Burzynski's dubious cancer treatment center. Unpleasant! 

The wave of positive movement forward continues in India as another state vies for an anti-superstition law. 

But in the U.S., anti-vaccinationists lobby Congress. 

One nurse has the right conclusion but ALL the wrong manners when it comes to dealing with non-vaccinated families. 

A faith healing community in Idaho is connected to the spate of child deaths in Oregon. Same church. Even worse. 

A teen decides to protest a number. It might not even be the right number either. 

Teens on trial for murder in South Africa are found guilty of killing their friend in a ritual designed to bring them supernatural powers. 

Explorers have NO DOUBT there are thylacines left in Tasmania. But no doubt (belief) is no substitute for EVIDENCE. 

Another example of shoddy science, the Geological Society of America blundered again by allowing the mystery kraken guy back to speak. It turns out, he has Creationist leanings. 

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