It was a bit of a rough week at Doubtful News , we wrangled with our web host provider regarding an absurd copyright complaint by a psychic who was disgruntled that another alleged psychic by the same name had been indicted for fraud. I guess she didn't care much to be in that company. The resulting complaint, which should have gone straight to the trash, resulted in heavy-handed action by our web provider. You can read all about it here. But it does signal that those of us who are critics of the fringe are susceptible to bullying tactics even when we try to do the right thing.

So, we are up on a new host, I'm glad to say, bringing you a few choice cuts of news from the week.

First up, Halloween hijinks. We found two scares that ended up to be not so scary.

What's with the link between witches, Satan and Halloween? And what's happening at Halloween time in Salem? Psychics are fighting each other.   

More psychics in trouble as telepaths are caught in Vietnam scamming a charity by saying they find soldiers' lost graves.

Sad to say that Kevin Trudeau is out of jail for now. He will be facing a criminal trial eventually.

Former actress Suzanne Somers is called an "expert" by Wall Street Journal on health issues. They must use a different dictionary than normal people. 

In Bigfoot news. It's hard to believe this didn't happen sooner: Man shot during Bigfoot hunt.

And, a hunt for bigfoot-like DNA gives us intriguing information about a mystery visitor to a Russian village long ago.

Don't miss this piece about the brave folks who are teaching kids in India how to resist superstition.

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