Here is this week's summary of the ridiculous, the nonsensical, and the psychic screwups of the week courtesy of Doubtful News.

Lots of psychic news this week. First, a "psychic" bus driver has a premonition, refuses to drive kids. He gets fired. 

A lucrative psychic ring is busted in Russia. 

A psychic phone network is pranked by people looking for free readings. They weasel out by saying they KNEW they were pranks. Uh-huh… 

Is hosting an event at a public library endorsement? Skeptics in Long Island feel it is inappropriate for a psychic to do a show there.

Textbook publishers finally stand up to bullying by Texas creationists. They say "No" to their requested changes regarding evolution. 

Here's another example of a ridiculous attempt to be sciencey. A veterinarian is riding high on the idea that her name for bigfoot was accepted by Zoo Bank. Here's why she shouldn't be so excited. 

A class action suit is underway in the U.S. regarding Kids Relief homeopathic medicines. It's a bunch of empty promises because there's nothing in them. 

Exorcism. More exorcisms. It's a thing. 

Mystery solved. It was fish. Don't believe me? I know it sounds weird. But male fish really do hum loudly enough to disturb the whole village. 

But fish AREN'T reliable predictors of earthquakes. 

Finally, this week in Halloween. People get scared over nonsense. Don't fall for it. Just be scared of cars and overindulgence of sweets.

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