Here is this week's summary of strange discoveries and jaw dropping moments of the week courtesy of Doubtful News.

It was an oarfish invasion in California this week. Well, I'm exaggerating. It was only two. But, as deep sea fish, they are pretty rare to find. The first was near Catalina Island  and a second was also in California where a police officer recognized the fish from the previous find.

Another interesting science even was the recovery of the Chelyabinsk meteor from a Russian lake. 

In Bigfoot science, a new study out of the Oxford project reveals that the legendary Yeti may be a species of bear. More is to come on this story. 

In anti-science, the Creation Museum in Kentucky has a new allosaurus specimen. They claim it died in the flood. No geology allowed! 

More anti-science (climate denialists march neatly alongside anti-evolutionists) as major U.S. papers pull false balance by allowing the Heartland Institute "experts" (in manufacturing doubt) to be quoted regarding climate change studies. 

Here is how Scientology likes their scientists - dishonest and negligent. 

Archaeologists in India are denying that their new excavation for hidden treasure has anything to do with the prediction by a magic man who says a fortune awaits there to save the country. 

We can mark this one as "the science is just not there yet", or we can just call this a sweet story of a girl and her dog. Does the dog predict her oncoming seizures and how does he do it? 

Chiropractic is NOT a science. It's pre-science magical thinking. But there are real medical consequences. In Australia, there is an ongoing dispute about a baby that may have received a fracture from chiropractic but a review board says no. That doesn't change the fact that chiropractic is still problematic.   

Dietary supplements are getting a bad review again. There are things in there you DON'T want and what you think you DO want may not be in there at all. Bottom line - they are unreliable because they are poorly regulated.   This is your jaw dropping moment of the week - a trial in South Africa for murder of a girl and attempted murder of another in order to complete a ritual to gain fame and fortune just like those American music stars. 

Finally, your "Is Kevin Trudeau in jail yet?" update. He is on his way back there because he won't reveal where he is getting his money from. Some former customers deserve a refund.

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