I recently tried to make a casual connection with the "LinkedIn" system and found that it can be a rather insidious experience. They reached into my computer and extracted every contact I'd ever made - some of them from a decade or more back - and I found that I'd inadvertently asked every one of several hundred persons to "link" with me. My personal - confidential - email address was distributed worldwide, and now I have to cancel that and establish a new one.


I'll be contacting those with whom I wish to share personal contact, while I still welcome communications to the JREF, some of which I can - and will - respond to personally.

My tedious medical problems are responding to proper care, and I'm looking forward to being fully "in the saddle" again and showing up in SWIFT regularly. I regret my absence, and I'm grateful for all the kind encouragement that has poured in from JREFers and others around the world. Many thanks...