Here is this week's summary of the questionable claims, supposed miracles and outright frauds courtesy of Doubtful News 

Another psychic found guilty of fraud charges. Sylvia Mitchell faces jail in New York.

And more of the Marks family are sentenced. 

A fight over vaccinating children ends up with parents in court in the U.K. The pro-vaccine parent has science on his side.   

A boy in Thailand dies due to water intoxication recommended for a ritual exorcism  while another exorcism case goes to court in France.

Kenyans are not used to horror and occult objects used for scary amusement. They confiscate a shipment of Halloween props 

Sometimes you need to draw the line and halt the nonsense. The LA Times makes it clear that climate change deniers won't get a spot on the Letters page. 

Is this deserving of our attention? Researcher claims Jesus was made up whole cloth as Roman propaganda. Other say this is too far fetched. 

The interesting pangolin is facing extinction due in part to its use in Traditional Chinese medicine treatments.

Body parts are being removed from hospital morgues in Swaziland to use for magic "muti". 

The Sarah Hershberger case has been overturned yet again. This continuing saga of forcing cancer treatment on a child whose family nor herself wants it shows the ethical conundrum we face regarding medicine and the right to die.

A man claims that he was cured of ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) upon visiting the Medjugorje holy site. No medical officials have come forth to declare a miracle, though. 

Finally, this is the time of year where haunted houses are a big attraction. But in real life, a stigmatized property is a tough sell

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