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Big News as the Marks family matriarch is found guilty on all 14 counts of various bad things.

For a chronology of the trial, go here. This verdict is very important. A psychic is in JAIL! This was a huge decision where the jury decided that even though fortune telling is free speech, stringing people along with promises is not OK even when they voluntarily give you their money for "advice". It seems clear the jury thought that she was not providing a valid service but taking advantage of people in troubling situations. This decision is very satisfying and should be referred to often. 

On the other hand, we are lucky we even get this much: Psychic pays fine, restitution and walks.  

There was much odd news this week. Sadly, the man known as a genuine blue man, died. It was not from his alternative health practices.

The investigation of the mystery mummy found in Germany concludes that it is a fake.

An island suddenly appears from the sea offshore of the deadly Pakistan earthquake.

Eagles really do attack huge prey. A dramatic encounter was caught by game camera.

Navy Yard shooter Alexis believed he was being controlled by electromagnetic waves.

Olivia Newton John is have serious house troubles. Her misfortune was mentioned in regards to a curse on the cast members of Grease

Paranormal State's young star believes his cancer could have been caused by the demons he encountered. After treatment, he credits his faith with his recovery. Sadly, he gives short shrift to medicine.

You can't mention The Stanley Hotel without talking of the paranormal. The location that inspired The Shining is in a mess regarding a "Pet Sematary".

What's wrong with kids today in Saudi Arabia? Well, a cleric says that driving hurts a woman's overies. Yes. That's perfectly sensible.

Here is something you should NOT do to your infant -- chiropractic adjustment. But chiropractors are adamant it works and sneak into hospitals to do it even with the risk of serious injury to the child.

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