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We had quite a teaser this week as perpetual infomercial, unsinkable rubber duck guy Kevin Trudeau was finally sent to jail. But, then managed to talk his way out. Bummer.

Big and very doubtful news came out this week that a study concluded there was "alien" life high in our atmosphere. Red flags abound on this piece and the scientific community jumped on it.

Another big story was not really news. It's been known for a long time that holy water fonts and springs are not sanitary and harbor dangerous bacteria. Blessings DO NOT kill germs!

India's latest news about the arrest of a guru for sexual assault has opened the doors to serious questioning of the role superstition still plays in politics and life there.

In Nigeria, we see politics playing fast and loose with science to give us one of the worst science projects you've ever seen.

You can take action to put an end to an awful "health" magazine in the U.K

Wind turbine syndrome was featured in New York magazine. What they failed to emphasize, among the emotional personal stories, is the fact that the science is NOT there. Also, they failed to acknowledge that people paid to have turbines on their land do not report any health effects.

This infographic done with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software shows all the reported Bigfoot sightings across North America. But does it really tell us anything new or helpful? Not really. Note it was not done by a person who researches Bigfoot.

Alex Jones, blowhard, is at it again. This is predictable, whenever there is a mass shooting. But Alex is off the edge. By spewing nonsense, he is influencing people who will believe this stuff. And they vote. Jones is declared by Doubtful News to be "Beyond Doubtful" and is on the red list of sources you should simply never give any attention to.

Speaking of conspiracies, some have suggested that cloud seeding was behind the flooding rains in Colorado last week. The surprising news is that cloud seeding is used in Colorado but can't do what is suggested.

And finally, this poor guy gets drunk by accident. He can't help it. It's a real story.

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