Here is this week's summary of the strange discoveries and jaw-dropping absurdity courtesy of Doubtful News.

One thing we love to do is followup on mystery stories when the truth comes out. You don't get that from other sites. Here are two this week that were resolved. The mystery monument that appeared as a tribute to a Lovecraftian god was made by art students.

Recall back in February that a sheriff declared a man died of spontaneous human combustion. Well, it was pretty clear even at the time that that was implausible. The medical examiner's report now says he had a heart attack, then burned from a lit cigarette.

I'm sure you are all interested in what is going on in the Bigfooting world today. Well, the Oxford DNA study is being written up. There is no word yet on the results. But, Nebraska and Iowa have gone Bigfoot crazy! And YOU thought Sasquatch was only found in the northwest.

There were two stories this week about creepy characters roaming around that were human but very strange. A mysterious person roams the Swiss woods making locals a little squirrelly. And, for nightmare fuel, a creepy clown is posing for photos in the U.K.

A school in the Netherlands hired a dowser to rid them of bad electromagnetic energy. Then they just turned everything back on again.

Holy water is dirty stuff.

This year could be the worst for measles in a long time. Thanks, anti-vaxxers!

There's skeptical and then there is "skeptical". Some in the swimming community question Diana Nyad's historic feat.

More UFO hoaxes. Why? Because they really work. I wonder how many heard that this was a stunt and how many will remain believing it was unexplained.

Finally, the most ridiculous stories of the week. I totally DO NOT buy this story that a woman was bitten by a pickled snake.

This is simply the most absurd and repulsive excuse for scientific research you've seen in a while.

And, look who hasn't had his face in the media for two weeks. So, he's back! Uri Geller - mystery mongering.

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