Here is this week's summary of the world of strange beliefs and news of the mysterious courtesy of Doubtful News.

It was a big, bad week for ghost hunters and psychics. First, Doubtful News is providing continuous updates on the Marks psychic family trial taking place in Florida. It's been outrageous so far and promises to get more incredible as additional witnesses testify. A link to the updates are found in our header for easy access. Check back often. Direct link is here. 

In other psychic news, Russian TV psychics take an old woman's life savings. 

Two people finally step forward to police which results in the capture of a tricky psychic. 

Ghost hunters looked bad this week. First, there are so many (all vying for TV shows) that the rivalry is bad for business.

Possibly related, some may resort to blatant trickery. 

Two "exorcisms" gone REALLY wrong this week. One, results in death of the exorcist who buried himself alive 

Another results in a popular guru arrested for sex crimes with a minor. 

We have two stories this week that turned out to be LESS than what the media was reporting. First, men should not fret about certain toothy fish loose in Europe.

 Stop passing around fake stories about Fukushima radioactivity. We have enough real problems to deal with there. 

What is this thing? No one knows. Someone is probably on their way to find out though.  

In an update to a previous story, this surprise mummy turned out not to be authentic, as expected, but further surprises were in store and the mystery grows. 

We don't often have stories about ignorant architecture. But when buildings fry things, there is a real problem. 

In a convoluted tale that raises confusing ethical questions regarding parental rights and rights of the child, a 10 year girl will not be forced to undergo cancer treatment that will save her.   

Finally, Art Bell returns. Let the freakier show begin. 

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