Here is a rundown of the bad, the good and the strange news of the week courtesy of Doubtful News

This huge downer of the week was the death of anti-superstition advocate Narendra Dabholkar in India.   

He was murdered presumably by members of a faction that were against his advocacy of a new law in his local state. His death was not in vain as the legislature pushed through an emergency bill Hopefully this tragedy was the spark that will spread a new rationalism. We are still saddened by this loss.

In more promising news, Gary Bolton, another peddler of fake bomb detectors gets sentenced to seven years in jail for his actions 

The fall out from the McCormick and Bolton trials is that we find government officials were complicit in the sale of these worthless devices at outrageous costs. 

Officials in Spain are taking the reports of a black panther seriously. However, there is no physical evidence to be found. I suspect their traps will remain empty of said big cat. 

In another false panic, the death of a young pony though by locals to be the work of Satanists, was found to be natural. 

Was this "gassing" in a Texas Walmart an actual threat to customers or just an overreaction. 

There was a thread of denialism running through the news this week. A church which previously rejected the recommended vaccination schedule for kids was hit with an epidemic of measles when a missionary spread the illness to non vaccinated individuals.   

These parents just received probation for allowing their child to die without proper medical attention but using natural remedies instead.

These parents may lose custody of their child because they can't bear to see her go through chemotherapy which will likely save her life.   

Sticking to the story that they did nothing wrong, the "fire baby" in India was discharged from the hospital even as the medical officials petition for protection for what appears to be a case of child abuse.   

This is the ultimate denial story. This man will die from it.   

Was this a miracle resurrection from the dead? Nope. It happens. But try to tell that to you Mom and the people round the water cooler. This story is just to good to be explained. 

It was a huge mass of bones and tissue remains in Spain. Speculation was rampant about what it was. It was not a new monster but the remains of a shark. 

There is a word for this, unfortunately. Sexorcism. It doesn't work except to get you arrested. 

Just like starting over, a dentist wants to clone John Lennon. Can you Imagine?

Finally, God may have sent a message to Creation museum exec Ken Ham, he hates these new tacky zip lines to attract new visitors.   

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