Here is a rundown of the superstitious, the monstrous and the Biblical claims made this past week that you may have missed in the news, but shouldn't. People really believe this stuff. 

It's summer and it's time for Shark Week on cable TV, just in time to scare you out of visiting the beach. The Discovery Channel, who brought you the mermaid "documentary", are now speculating that giant sharks (the extinct species called Megalodon) may still be alive. Cue the computer graphics imagery.   

Also back in the news with a vengeance every summer are stories about sickly animals with skin diseases, now known officially as "chupacabras".

Two stories came out this week that supposedly lend support to the Bible as a history book - a clay fragment with inscriptions   and another piece of the true cross.  

Is this a miracle, a hoax or fungus? The miracle claim is pretty weak.    

In the Philippines, it's the month of the Hungry Ghost. This is an example of allowing superstition to rule your life.   

What's the status of today's UFO community?

It's in a bit of a transition, really. Meanwhile, all the good crop circle makers have retired. 

Many people STILL seem to believe that aliens are interested in cattle in the US.   

A qigong master is under scrutiny as some people say he's just a magician.   

He's making more money than your average slight-of-hand artists, for sure. Speaking of obscene money, did you know pet psychics make $100-200 an hour.   

Finally, the biggest story of the week was speculation of a Google maps image of a pentagram shape in a remote area of Kazakhstan. It actually does have an explanation. Check out the comments from our Doubtful News readers in this piece.   

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