It's been a vacation week for Doubtful News. 

Surprisingly, even in this silly summer season, the weird news has been relatively tame. But, we found a few zingers to share with you in this week's summary. Enjoy and come and visit Doubtful News every day for lots of stories on alt med, anti-vax, anomalies and actual awesomeness.

Last week, we told you about Psychic Sally Morgan's libel settlement with the Daily Mail. It sparked some controversy among the skeptic crowd regarding whether calling Sally out for alleged cheating was the right thing to do.

Sally says she experienced a great deal of distress from the incident. So much so that she contemplated suicide

The big story going around this week was that of the moving Egyptian statuette in the Manchester Museum. They don't charge to enter the museum but the hype about that mysterious statue sure garnered some attention. Actually, it's physics. Check it out. 

People are still very nervous about curses around the world. In Kazakhstan, a valuable archaeological find is to be reinterred because of the locals fearing a curse 

In New York, police are warning the Asian community with an outreach program to make citizens aware of "blessing scams" that scare women into giving up their life savings to remove a curse.   

This week is the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. For all the real history that is there to discover, ghost tours have become the second most popular draw for the historic town.   

Remember Melba Ketchum of the Bigfoot DNA study? She's been quiet lately but is back in the news as her results have NOT been corroborated with a casual retest.    

Faith healing cases in the news have been getting quite a bit of attention lately. In this incident, parents received only a 90 day sentence.

Yoga is not a religion. A judge ruled that it is allowed in school and is no different than regular exercise.   

A viral video went around last week showing a dog burying a dead puppy. It may not be all it's said to be.    

Finally, the famous side-show gaff, the Minnesota Iceman is going back on display 

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