Coming to the Amaz!ng Meeting this year?

There will be parties, endless socializing and great entertainment. And of course, there will also be inspirational, educational and motivational talks. But if you’re hoping to learn how you can really participate in the skeptical movement and make a big difference, then you need to come to the Crowdsourcing Skepticism workshop (Workshop 2B)

Fighting for the Internet

The Internet has become the modern battle ground between evidence based claims, and faith based beliefs. With access to the total sum of human knowledge through the Internet, you would be forgiven for thinking the Internet would be ushering in a new age of enlightenment. However, the openness of the Internet has provided an unearned level playing field for purveyors of misinformation and deceit to reach larger audiences than ever before.

On the other hand, it also provides a single focus point for skeptical activism to have the most positive impact and far reaching consequences.

As more and more people turn to the Internet to educate themselves, to stay informed, and to communicate with friends and family, we have a huge opportunity and responsibility to influence the tone of this medium.

Make no mistake, we are still at the dawn of the information age, and we are creating the future of human discourse right now.

Help Us Usher in a New Age of Skepticism

We have organised our workshop around projects and activities that can have a huge positive impact on ensuring the next generation will grow up with an Internet that isn’t overrun with unchallenged misinformation. We are going to show you all how you can help win this war, and finally bring about a new age of skepticism online.

We will introduce you to rbutr; Shane Greenup will demonstrate how to use it effectively, and provide real world examples of the sort of impact that can be had immediately, as well as long term. Susan Gerbic will then describe her project Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia as well as @SkepticAction, a twitter/facebook project with easy crowdsourced 5 minute per day activities. Tim Farley will then round the workshop off with updates on the exciting new tools that are just now being rolled out.

Be a part of the future of online skeptical activism!

Join us for this powerful, inspiring and important workshop: 9:45am Thursday the 12th of July.

If you are unable to attend TAM this July, you can follow updates via Twitter (#TAM2013) and subscribe to the JREF YouTube Account.