In a new film just out, spoon-bender “psychic” Uri Geller is now claiming that he had a secret career as a US CIA agent, that he’d worked for both Mossad and the CIA on secret missions, that in 1976 he’d used his massive powers to disable a radar unit during “a raid on Entebbe” when Israeli forces stormed a hijacked plane there, and that the CIA had planted him on Aeroflot flights carrying KGB agents so as to erase the data from floppy disks carried in their diplomatic bags.

Oh, but wait, there’s much more. The CIA, he says, also took him out into the desert and asked him to move a model spy plane with his mind. Geller expressed his child-like delight.  “It was so James Bondy,” he said. However, his strong sense of ethics – which seems not to cover blatant lying – clicked on when -- he says -- the CIA asked him to use his massive powers to stop an innocent pig’s heart. He refused, in fear that the next target chosen by the merciless American agents just might be a human. Even Geller, with his highly-honed but bizarre sense of right-and-wrong, was horrified at that. He told the world:

I tried to execute missions that were positive. I said “no” to dark things.

Well, only to some carefully-selected “dark things,” I’d say.

In 2007, Geller definitively dropped his claims – made for decades – that he does not, and cannot, perform magic tricks. In a direct quotation from the November 2007 issue of the German magician’s magazine Magische Welt [Magical World] Geller said:

I'll no longer say that I have supernatural powers. I am an entertainer. I want to do a good show. My entire character has changed.

Oh, say not so, Uri! You’re my very favorite clown! If you didn’t come out with a howler every week, I’d have to turn to Doonesbury for my laughs. And as I’ve often said, if you’re truly using your mind to perform these corny tricks, "You’re doing it the hard way!"

No, let’s have the old Uri in his usual form, delighting the press with stories that are just too delicious to pass up. Can you fly, Uri? Can you bend a brick? Can you… Umm, that’s all the help I can offer you in your flight to Never-Never Land.

You’re on your own…

Bent spoon car












"How silly can you get? Those are bent spoons riveted to a car..."