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Written by James Randi   

To those few persons who I've had to disappoint in the last week or so, including the fine folks at SkeptiCal this last weekend — where I was to do a session via Skype and where JREF President D.J. Grothe spoke about the future of skepticism, and Tyler Measom and Justin Weinstein presented on the new movie about me, An Honest Liar — I send my profound apologies and regrets...

I was recently rushed off to the hospital when a serious circulation problem presented itself, a product of my simply getting older, though at 84-going-on-100 I'm actually doing rather well! After several well-informed medical foreheads were thoroughly scratched and my aching frame was mercilessly poked, probed and scanned, a regimen was arrived at, and though we had to cancel a couple of recent talks and meetings that I'd very much wanted to attend, I'm now concentrating on moves that will assure my participation at TAM 2013, July 11th to 14th -- and a day or two on either side, if you'd prefer. That appears to be still "in the bag," and I'm assured that our intentions and hopes will be met...

Go to AmazingMeeting.com to have the latest details, please. I will be doing something very special for this event.

The JREF is fortunate to have a staff — D.J., Brian and the rest of the team — who are prepared to adjust to these sorts of sudden changes and emergencies, and I'm eagerly looking forward to greeting another giddy crowd of TAMmers in Las Vegas this year. Yes, I may be moving a tad slower, and though my naked-dance-on-fire-with-tambourines may have to be postponed this year, I'll still be telling bad jokes and showing you corny card tricks when begged. And doing a very special presentation Saturday, too. I just know that will impress you...

So, business as usual in Las Vegas, good people, onwards and upwards...!

Very sincerely, James Randi.

James Randi is the founder of the James Randi Educational Foundation.