Here is a rundown of the week in psychic scams, several sad cases of believing in nonsense and some truly odd tidbits from the past week courtesy of Doubtful News.

Psychics were caught this week for fraud in Washington  and California using well-worn schemes to get people to give them money to remove bad spirits and curses.

The case of the faith-healing parents that lost a second child is back in the news as the death of their infant son is ruled a homicide.  The congregation they belong to has a history of childhood deaths due to lack of normal medical treatment.  

 A shady midwife in Nigeria prescribes herbs to women whom she convinces are actually pregnant. The babies come from the baby factory. It's more like human trafficking and abuse 


Kids who seemed to have convinced themselves that the school wifi makes them sick do an award winning experiment. But I think they may have missed an important scientific lesson 

What about these studies? The Immortality project provides money for some possibly questionable research into living forever in one form or another.  

There were some really odd news stories this week from some people that seem to be a bit too paranoid and credulous. First, a man gets arrested for calling 911 too much to report mind control satellites.    

A woman takes a picture of a UFO over a haunted barn.

Obama is blamed for causing the Oklahoma tornadoes.    

And, conspiracists go meta as conspiracy theorist attempt to debunk a hoax.    

If that's not weird enough for you, a man tells cops he had "proof" of Bigfoot. Turns out to be bear tracks.    

And, just to keep you on your toes while celebrity watching, comedian-actor Andy Kaufman is rumored to be alive.

I'm very dubious about this report that the E-cat device for cheap energy has really passed a reputable test.  

Bergoglio was in an imbroglio this week as some speculated the new Pope performed his first exorcism. In public.

Doesn't it sound like a bad thing to put mercury in pills? It might cure your insomnia PERMANENTLY.  

What's a lonely guy or gal ghost hunter to do for companionship? You want someone who understands and shares your interest, right? Sign up with a paranormal matchmaking site 

Finally, this is just dumb. I feel bad for the turtles 

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