Here is a rundown of the whirlwind week in weird, the paranormal and questionable claims from the past week courtesy of Doubtful News.

It was a HUGE week for skepticism. Great press was had all around from the big story of the week: Amanda Berry found and the humiliating epic fail, once again, of Sylvia Browne. Every skeptic and not so skeptic on the planet had something to say about this example of how psychics are unhelpful and downright hurtful.

While we had this bit of good press, there was bad news - the planned departure of Eugenie Scott from the National Center for Science Education. Genie is the thinking parent's angel on earth and we're all so grateful for all she has done.

Someone messed up badly with this story. A piece of 100 million year old continent does not in any way amount to "Atlantis". But, they used that term anyway to the confusion of many.

Singer, Miley Cyrus tells us some paranormal-themed stories from her family's London home. But it's nothing very impressive.

San Francisco can't find a way to justify warnings about cell phone radiation. So, they give up.

In real-life labeling of products, we find this doozy. Gluten-free shampoo.

A Dad intends to take his son for tongue acupuncture for speech impairment. I have no words.

The World Health Organization sees anti-vax advocates as a giant hurdle in eradicating measles in Europe.

This headline about "witches being poisoned" was very misleading. We don't know yet what happened but two elderly women are dead in Zimbabwe after a magical "cleansing ceremony"

Finally, my favorite weird story of the week, a paranormal group in Brazil offer to pay you to be bait for a water monster. You do not wish to know, guys, how the monster attacks.

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