Here is a rundown of the weird, the paranormal and the hoax news from the past week courtesy of Doubtful News.

THREE giant disappointments this week in the paranormal circles. First, the UFO circle didn't fare too well. The alien humanoid find is a bust

The Citizens Disclosure Hearing on UFOs is fantasy theater.  

And, as usual, the White House is covering it all up, so say our former lawmakers. 

Meanwhile, a Bigfoot body fails to appear. Same guy, same gimmick. Same result. 

This lake monster leaves us asking "How does the hump swim?" 

People will still see what they want to believe.  

This scam was busted. BIG TIME. Jim McCormick is given the maximum sentence for his fake bomb detectors

However, Iraq is this week's example of cognitive dissonance. 

Louisiana continues to be an embarrassment to educators everywhere

Therefore, we shall now refer to it as "Lose-iana".  

Sadly, it's not the only bastion of ignorance in the U.S. 

Conservative End Times believers don't pay any mind to global warming. 

On an up note, Australian press is hammering home a powerful message about vaccinations. 

While the U.S. government is stuck in some time warp

Also an up note, perpetually unsinkable informercial rubber duck, Kevin Trudeau, files bankruptcy

Canada and France buy into graphology nonsense.

Finally, this story about a missing Vietnam veteran went around the media. Another hoax with a movie to go with it. BELIEVE, don't question to enjoy the movie. 

Whew! What a roller coaster week. I have to say it was a lot of positive skepticism at work, though. Join us every day at Doubtful News to see what's cooking today. 

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