Here is a rundown of the paranormal, the pseudoscientific and the wildly weird news from the past week courtesy of Doubtful News.  

The biggest news this week was vindicating for MANY in the skeptic community as James McCormick was found guilty of fraud for selling non-working bomb detectors. This has been going on for years and finally, the hammer falls. But that's not all, this verdict has triggered investigation of the devices in Thailand and others may follow. 

Speaking of discredited guys, the Wakefield effect is a thing.  

There were more cases this week where innocent children suffered, an infant was thrown onto a fire as an Apocalyptical sacrifice. 

Can't get much more horrible than that. But this Mom told her kid he had cancer in order to get fundraiser money.  

Did Alex Jones influence the Boston Marathon bombers? This past week has thrown a unwelcome light on the dark conspiracy culture. 

Speaking of conspiracies, UFO and alien news abounded this week. Are there hundreds of UFOs swarming around Perth

Is this an alien body? No. 

Sadly this story had few details but what is going on with a report of a violent poltergeist in France? 

Not a hoax - Meteorite hits Connecticut home

Is a hoax - Skegness sea monster video faked.  

Not a hoax - There really is a sucking whirlpool phenomena in a Latvian river. 

Is a hoax - Twitter news sent the stock market into a plunge. But that one is kind of scary; non-real news affects the economy.

In oddity news, a Canadian lynx body is found in UK

A big giant head floated down the river and remains unclaimed. 

And, finally, take a science quiz this week. All you need to know is in the Bible. 

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