Here is a rundown of the mysterious, the pseudoscientific and the "what-the-heck?" news from the past week courtesy of Doubtful News.  

Let's start with some good news since this last week was pretty darn awful.

People did not feel that a real Noah's Ark was worth funding. 

Forbes magazine gives Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski a whipping by contrasting with another medical center.

It's just another day in Clearfield County, PA. Bigfoot sighted

Some Sasquatch footage is up for sale to fund a new International "forest people" protection initiative. Yep, Dr. Ketchum again. 

This is not bigfoot but it's a big foot. You probably won't hear people as excited when it's confirmed to be a bear paw.

Did you hear this people? There are Pulitzers in SKEPTICISM (Harkened by B. Blaskiewicz on Virtual Skeptics.  

Now for the less than good news.

UFO conferences are standing room only these days. What was that about interest dying down? More like… shifting. 

The [Creationist] Discovery Institute is offering a free seminar INCLUDING TRAVEL to students interested in studying Intelligent Design. 

And the really yucky news.

Astrologer Jessica Adams connects her astrological predictions to the MIT shooting. But, no mention of the other stuff that happened last week. 

The first death of a person with measles is confirmed in Wales. 

While we are on the topic of vaccines, a British MP gets homeopaths to admit that homeopathic vaccines DO NOT work

Noted autism speaker Temple Grandin is also duped by misinformation on MMR vaccine.

Parents who subscribe to faith healing have had a SECOND child die. 

This past week was just oozing with conspiracy mongers. They are predictable and absurd. 

It was disgusting the length to which some will go to preserve a concocted world view. Alex Jones was the first to spout off about a "false flag" conspiracy. (Maybe we can declare him an "enemy combattant"?)

The person suspected of sending the tainted letter to President Obama had really odd ideas

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