Here is a rundown of the mysterious, the weird and the wacky news from the past week courtesy of Doubtful News.

The theme this week was oddball happenings: A beaver attack kills a man, a giant wasp nest was found in the Canary Islands, a suspected dead hamster comes back to life and a guy thinks zombies are chasing him so he steals a truck. Bad excuse.

Sports people are superstitious and so, goat heads appear and freak people out.

Check out these cool and rather funny videos of an active plant that caught the attention of some bike riders.

A lobbyist for natural, herbal medicine left a sample for congresspeople in their offices. They did not keep "calm" as instructed.

In legal news around the world, a man accuses the diocese for not properly removing some smelly demons from his home.

In Papua, New Guinea, officials are considering repealing the Sorcery Act that is causing vigilanteism against suspected witches.

Discredited researcher Andrew Wakefield is still trying to stay relevant as he brazenly makes claims that the current measles outbreak in the U.K. is the fault of the government for not listening to him. Seriously. This outrageous story is a case of paranormal mystery mongerers who exploit tragic deaths to sell their books or papers. It hurts the families.

A report from India claims an autistic girl can read her mother's mind. There are huge holes in this story and several potential explanations not given.

Electrosensitivity is a thing. It may not be a physical thing but people are moving to a remote area of West Virginia to get relief.

And, finally, a few more stories of absurdity. Here's an interesting way to get press attention - pay former congress people to listen to anecdotes about UFOs and then be able to say that there was a hearing on the matter.

Work stoppage on a demolition project is blamed on spirits who don't want to leave.

A beer company is capitalizing on Bigfoot mania and offering a million dollar challenge to capture proof of the creature. DNA evidence that disputes the basic tenets of biology is excluded.

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