Here is a rundown of the mysterious, the weird and the wacky news from the past week courtesy of Doubtful News.

It was April Fool's Day last week and while Doubtful News took the day off for obvious reasons, there was some fallout from the pranks.

A classic environmental joke about "dihydrogen monoxide" gets some radio hosts in trouble. But is this a hoax of a hoax. I honestly can't tell.

When I saw this claim - that an animal defense fund wanted to protect Bigfoot - I thought it was a joke. But, Bigfoot believers completely swallowed the story. COMPLETELY.

Speaking of Bigfoot, it's nasty out there between rival 'footers.

It's a fish-eat-fish world in this lake.

Here was an Easter fish miracle. Not really.

Miracles are rather easy to come by these days. You may get beatified just by "curing" diarrhea.

There were some updates on some notorious characters otherwise known as "unsinkable rubber ducks". Peter Popoff is still making the news, still selling his miracle water.

Channeler of Ramtha, J.Z. Knight is in a defamation battle but her lawyers don't care about YOUR privacy.

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow has a cookbook where the biggest ingredient is woo.

A new movie has UFOs, aliens, free energy and conspiracies.

Just in case the aliens wish to visit (apparently, again), direct them to the visitors' center in Myrtle Beach.

In vaccination news, sometimes you just need to get nasty about it.

It appears that the tide may really be turning as some parents have gotten over anti-vax sentiments.

No there was not a sea dragon skeleton found in China.

But, yes, lots of people really believe wild stuff, like reptilian overlords.

Finally, for a good laugh, did you know goats really do sound like screaming people. Hilarious. Enjoy.

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