Here is a rundown of the top stories in the paranormal, the mysterious and all sorts of questionable claims from the past week courtesy of Doubtful News.

Some people had a really bad week. Dr. Oz finally gets called out for bad advice. But, honestly, this guy might have known better. 

A chicken laid a huge and very weird egg. Ouch. 

Even lawyers fall for the Nigerian scam

Male enhancement herbal meds were found to contain other, possibly dangerous, ingredients

But that's not comparable to the troubles these guys had.

Prawns anyone? Already cooked, fresh from the sea. 

Sometimes the news is really horrendous. This superstition is awful in its own right but may be contributing to the spread of HIV in Africa.

And the Biography Channel is getting ready to host an unbelievable and exploitative show about reincarnated children.

Some towns are booming again. It appears to be a case of deliberate attention to these events and it causes some panic among residents: In Illinois and on the New Jersey shore.  

A panic over missing dogs was made into a fear about ritual cult crime but there's zero evidence for it.  

Finally, two stories that make your head spin. Conspiracy sites allege that a Secret Service agent is, wait for it…. a shape shifting alien!  

And, will wonders never cease - real psychics tell you how to avoid fraudulent ones. How helpful they are. 

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