Here is a rundown of the top stories in pseudoscience, the mysterious and questionable claims from the past week courtesy of Doubtful News

Welcome to the week in the strange, the bizarre and the unnatural, as Jack Palance used to say at the beginning of Ripley's Believe it or Not TV show. You may wonder how people believe this stuff…

Actor Russell Crowe made headlines this week not for his new movie but for putting up a You Tube video that supposedly recorded a UFO. It was solved within a day; not a UFO.

A strange flying thing causes concern over New York's JFK airport.

Do images of brains make you think the information presenting is more credible? Yes. No. Yes? No?

Gluten free shampoo makes little sense - you don't eat it. But what's behind this labeling?

Conspiracy theories sprung up immediately upon the announcement of the death of Hugo Chavez.

No conspiracies afoot for the infamous 91-year old creationist who galloped off this mortal coil.

Hoaxes abounded this week. A man was selling a piece of candy that looked like Virgin Mary. You could say, it looked "moldy".

Chemistry tests added to the overwhelming evidence that the mysterious crystal skulls are fabrications.

A museum was helped by a terrible TV show to get some visitors to their museum to see questionable artifacts.

The Russian claim of new life in an icebound Antarctic lake was busted when it was announced it was contamination.

In very disappointing news, fortunetellers weasel out of legal charges by just paying the people back. I think the point was missed.

In worse news, a six year old child was abused for suspicion of practicing witchcraft. 

Finally, there was a horrible picture of a woman's face on fire making rounds on the internet. She did it for … beauty? 

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