Happy Darwin Day!

Here is a rundown of the top stories in pseudoscience, superstition and conspiracy mongering from the past week courtesy of Doubtful News.

It was a big week in conspiracy ties. Of course, that never brings good news. The WORST news was another killing tied to conspiratorial thinking. The motive for why this man killed his children, himself and EVEN the dog is not clear, but his work on 9/11 government conspiracy is mentioned.

The misinformation about Sandy Hook continues. Thanks for your sloppiness, media.

In what appears to be a symbolic attempt to call for a revolution, a woman defaces a priceless painting with a 9/11 conspiracy message.

This man sees evil everywhere, even in tax documents. Where did this '666' stuff come from anyway?

Is there a conspiracy about Mars? The rover finds a currently unexplained shiny thing. We have some guesses on what it is, all silly.

Speaking of silly, some people take these comments from astrologers complete credulously. It's the year of the snake in Asia.

Still living in dark times, they burn a woman as a witch in Papua New Guinea.

More darkness as several vaccination workers are killed in Nigeria in protest of polio immunizations.

In good news, four people importing dangerous ingredients for an extremely unhealthy "cure" were caught. The Miracle Mineral Supplement is being squeezed out of all countries with good health laws but still for sale from those that don't have such laws. It's industrial bleach. Know your chemicals.

Psychic Sylvia is caught. Twice. No, not that Sylvia, unfortunately. But get the word out that they will take your money and they get arrested. 

The Daily Mail wins for this week's most popular nonsense article. Does evil live in one small part of the brain? No, this is neuro-babble. Babble on, Daily Mail.

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