Here is a rundown of the top stories in pseudoscience, monkeys, hoaxes and the paranormal from the past week courtesy of Doubtful News.

Two monkey stories. A monkey on the loose was reported running down the road in Meadowood, British Columbia. That's ridiculous. Everyone knows it was a baby Sasquatch! 

Iran gets the hairy eyeball for their space monkey mess up

Indigo Mom and anti-vaxxer celeb, Jenny McCarthy, thought she had a gig lined up to speak at a health event in Ottawa. Alas, pro science folks didn't take to kindly to that. She's out. 

Who else get bad press this week? MSNBC for creatively editing a video at a hearing on Sandy Hook shootings. 

Bad press should be heaped on this event: The USS Hornet museum promotes a science fundraiser with… a ghost hunt.

Psychic silliness that is all about money: The Van Praag family battles over their "good" name

Speaking of ego, don't miss this damning expose of Dr. Oz. His true colors are revealed in his own words. 

Want to get up to speed on the latest sports and athletic gimmicks? The pseudoscience spin is good for a laugh. 

Doubtful News busts open two stories you should be completely doubtful about. First, the miracle of the closet tortoise. I don't she'd look that good after 30 years.

And, this lake monster story is so concocted, but it's from Siberia. No one can really check the details.  

Here's a mystery. A pile of purple gel spheres appear in the Arizona desert. Fungus? Alien eggs? The media and paranormal sites would like you to think so. If you would rather have the best answer, check out the link. 

Ingo Swann, popularizer of remote viewing, has died

Canada's Bad Science Watch releases a report on what's wrong with anti-wifi activism. 

Things are still shaky in Pakistan regarding polio vaccinations. A police guard is killed protecting the workers.

The most interesting story last week was UNDOUBTEDLY about the beheading of a goblin in Zimbabwe. Yep. That's right. They are booby trapped, it appears. This one exploded. 

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