Here is a rundown of the top cringeworthy stories in pseudoscience, superstition and the paranormal from the past week courtesy of Doubtful News.

Let's start with the psychic fails for this week.

This woman won an uncritical psychic challenge but didn't foresee she wouldn't get the prize money.

Numerology figured in this case of fraud.  And once again, don't open the bag, you've been conned.

Kids are lied to. That's a problem. Intelligent design proponents don't know when to quit pushing this stuff in schools.

And parents routinely lie to modify kids' behaviors. Wouldn't teaching them how to think about things be a more productive activity? Yes but that's HARD. 

Several government officials were lied to when they were told that these bomb detecting devices worked. They don't.

Watch out for the media, they seem to enjoy pulling a fast one on us all. Sandy Hook truthers are given undue attention.

Florida Satanists Rally is just part of a mockumentary film.

What's with all these books about Heaven

We can answer some questions for you this week:

Why are celebrity ears bumpy?

What happens when locals don't understand and don't like a "creepy" addition to the local cemetery?

How did the judge justify his guilty decision against Italian seismologists who failed to warn of an earthquake?

But there are some questions that remain:

Why did this poor man think a ghost was following him?

What is causing that annoying hum in Windsor, Ontario?

Are occult rituals behind gruesome killings in Cameroon?

We're pretty certain when we say, no, it's NOT Sasquatch howls in Oregon.

The mess of the week turned out to be protestors of smart meters who were arrested for not allowing the devices to be placed on their homes. What was solved? Nothing.

Finally, a skeptical HUZZAH was delivered in honor of Dr. Burzynski's birthday. Over $13,000 was raised for St. Jude's Children's hospital and the doctor was (dis)honored for decades of no progress towards curing cancer. 

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