Here is a rundown of the top stories in skeptical and pseudoscience news from the past week courtesy of Doubtful News.

What's wrong with having a little fun hoaxing? Well, it can turn out really tragic as did the case with the prank phone call made to a hospital treating the Duchess of Cambridge made by two Australian DJs.

In an update to the story about magician Wayne Houchin being accused of voodoo and burned in a TV show "blessing", an arrest has been ordered for the host who set him on fire.

An embarrassing situation arose in a U.S. Congressional hearing. A forum about autism turned into an anti-science circus of misinformation.

The big pseudocience story this week was Bigfoot. As we announced last week, Bigfoot DNA has supposedly been documented by Dr. Melba Ketchum. The media picked up the story. There is still no paper but hints that the results were not up to snuff but will be published in Russia instead.  Also, DNA experts aren't too warm to the idea of Bigfoot as a hybrid between unknown primate and human.  And, the lead of the study, Dr. Ketchum claims there will be high definition video to accompany the release of her DNA results. Stay tuned.

One of the "world's more accurate psychics", Irene Hughes has died.

Psychic Sophie feels discriminated against. She appeals a zoning ruling that disallows her business.

Taking a stand against pseudoscience, the directors of the popular TED conferences and website advise their local directors to be wary

For the ultimate in nonsense for 2012, we continue marching towards the "Apocalypse" on December 21. It appears that there are hints of concern globally but it's more nonsense than anything.

And, the booms begin - reports of unexplained sounds are scaring people across the U.S. 

Doubtful News will begin a countdown to the Doomsdate with coverage of the stories relating to the perceived end of the world. 

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