Here is a rundown of the top stories in oddities and paranormal news from the past week courtesy of Doubtful News

Plenty of GOOD news this week that I'm happy to share.

First, a skeptical hero helps two elderly people who come into his store avoid internet scams.

Another story shows that when you prime your community to watch for scams, they recognize and avoid them. Remember the story of the magical chocolate in Norway? Well the makers of Xocai got the message, now they are gone thanks to skeptical activism. 

Scientology has been called out for potential misdeeds surrounding the death of a church member. 

Happy 20th anniversary to the Skeptics Society and Skeptic Magazine. Onwards and upwards and now electronic!

Another skeptic publication celebrates their 14th birthday. The Bolingbrook Babbler has a history of riling up it's readers and even fooling a few. 

Sanal Edamaruku continues to speak out: when the truth is labeled blasphemy, something is not right in society. 

The Denver UFO case hit wide circulation this week and continues to generate some strange discussions. You know what? It's still BUGS. But, here is another UFO that turned out to have a very down to earth explanation

Television programs continue to insult our sense of reason. Ghost Hunters, that tired "What WAS that?" show goes on for a 9th season of getting us nowhere closer to understanding the paranormal.

And Doomsday Preppers has a season two where we can watch people misunderstand risk.

Two stories this week about questionable hauntings and their consequences. First, a child from the Amityville Horror events speaks.

In a clear case of paranormal tourism, a mansion in Toledo is suddenly "haunted". Both cases are example of the famous skeptical ghost hunter quip: "There are no haunted houses, just haunted people." 

What will you do for the 2012 December apocalypse date? Well, I wouldn't advise heading to the magic upside-down mountain in France said to be the "safe" zone. It's now closed

Here is a very questionable story that appeared regarding communication with comatose patients. Can they communicate via MRI? The story leaves me scratching my head. 

Leaving me banging my head in disgust, take a look at this ridiculousness circulated among Republicans. It seems a bit too easy to control their minds with baseless fear and paranoia. 

Are humans becoming dumber? No. This was a piece of speculation that disregards the complexity of problems in today's society.

Finally, the humorous story of the week. This guy, just walking through the museum, finds his spitting image in a 16th century painting. Pretty neat.  

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